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We want to assist our customers any way we can. In order to give you the most efficient service, we have built an online Policy Service Center to allow our customers to change policy information, report claims, or make a payment directly to your insurance carrier.
Online Billing & Payments (opens in new tab)
Online Billing & Payments
Most of our insurance companies have the option to pay by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), e-check or by credit card. Online payments can prevent lapses in coverage and save time.
File A Claim With Us (opens in new tab)
Online Claims Filing
If you have a claim to report, you can can use your insurance carrier's 24/7 Claim Support Service to report a claim directly to the insurance company claim department or you may contact UNISURE®.
Certificate of Insurance Request (opens in new tab)
Certificate of Insurance
You may use this form to request a Certificate of Insurance to one of our qualified agents. An agent from our office will contact you after receiving the request. This feature is only for existing clients who are commercial policyholders.
Auto ID Card Request (opens in new tab)
Auto ID Card Request
Use this form to request a replacement auto policy ID card. The Auto ID Card provides proof of coverage and also provides information on what to do in case of an accident. Certain states require an Auto ID Card be carried in the vehicle at all times.
Annual Insurance Review (opens in new tab)
Annual Insurance Review
By staying in touch with your agent, you can ensure that you always have protection. This Annual Insurance Review shows which plan will give you the best coverage and peace of mind.
Policy Change Request (opens in new tab)
Policy Change Request
Use this form to request a change to your current insurance policy. By submitting this form you understand that no coverage or premium adjustment of any kind is bound until you receive written notice.